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2018 Girl’s Night Out Event at Harvest Hollow (Photography: Gari-Ann Kia Photography)

2018 Girl’s Night Out Event at Harvest Hollow (Photography: Gari-Ann Kia Photography)


Handcrafted Beauty

Interested in a flower making workshop? Get in touch! After years of honing my craft and experimenting with different techniques, I’ve developed a distinctive style in my paper flower art and I am happy to share my knowledge to those interested to learn. Not a crafty person? Don’t worry! My instructions are crafted to be easy to understand. You certainly do not have to be crafty to join.

Whether you are booking for a birthday party, a bridal shower, or just a fun night out, flower making will bring a unique experience that not only will you have fun doing, but also find surprisingly relaxing to do.


Workshop Details

What I offer in my class:

•A thorough walkthrough of the flower making process (2-3 hours)

•A palette of colors to choose from

•A vase pairing with your flower creation to take home

How to set up a flower workshop with me:

•Time: Check with me for dates and availability.

•Location: I cater my workshops to your party location! (Huntsville area only)

•People: To book a class with me you will need at least 7 people to sign up for the class. All you need is to send me a list of names and emails of those interested. To ensure enough time for one-on-one instruction, maximum sign up for a class is 25.


Sounds like something you and your friends would be interested in? Sign up today!

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